Tstv afica new freequency 2020

A lot has happened since our last edition in March. I mean we are now dealing with cases of covid that is ravaging the world.

tstv afica new freequency 2020

As if that not enough trouble, there is this fallacy about 5g being responsible for the COVID, sudden death amongst others. Whatever the case may be, I pray we all survive this. And may God comfort those who already lost people to the virus. I took some time out to reset and re-strategize on the best possible ways to represent my thoughts and ideas on the subject matter without legally stepping on toes while still educating you my esteemed followers.

Moving forward, this post will be realtime and it will be regularly updated just like we did with tstv updates.

So, when it is time for a new update, I will simply modify this post by adding new contents and removing existing ones. This will be a better method compared to having to publish a new article every month. I will be making use of terms that may be difficult for the newbies to fully comprehend. However, if you have been following this site for a while, you will understand all the terms.

This is necessary because no one wants to step on the toes of the law. In addition, if you find any grey areas in this post, you should contact your local satellite installers for clarifications. Secondly, I will divide the entire post into two categories and several sub-headings. The second category will be the nasty controversial updates that may have issues with broadcast piracy.

I do not advise or recommend anyone to watch pay-TV contents free. In this segment, I will highlight the most recent trending happenings in the satellite world before proceeding to talk about them in details.

EFCC published this on their website. You can get the full details about the port-Harcourt raid here and read that of Uyo here. In a twist of event, the association has demanded the release of the arrested people citing the fact that the case between them and Dstv is still in court.

Technomate has now dethroned the popular inverto as the new best LNB for tracking difficult birds. Of course, it is more expensive than inverto but you will reap the benefits with better reception. Technomate LNBFs come in single, dual, quad and octo inputs for now.

TM-2 0. The pictures about are the ones I took when I bought some for my customers. If you need help buying one, you can surely contact me and I can help you with the procurement.

Beta ne mut piya

This is the segment where I will be rolling out hot gist and gossips about pay-TV service providers, official IPTV solutions and free to air satellite television. There is no preference or affiliations or recommendations. For more information, you can read the o fficial publications by CAF here. DStv also confirmed it as you can see from the image above.

After announcing a temporary service suspension a fortnight ago, MyTv is now back on a new position and of course with a new frequency. You can receive all their channels with either their official decoder or buy a cccam account and use it with non-official decoders. On how to track the new MyTv, please read my article here. Suffice to say that all their channels on 16e are also present on their new position on belintersat 51e. Apparently, in Africa, there is no sports tv outfit that has the number of channels that beIN has.

You may be interested in reading up our comparative analysis of the best sports tv package in Africa. On this promotional offer, you can get the basic package for free when buying a beIN receiver. Learn more here. Virtually, all pay-TV companies are running one promo or the other globally.Much of the information on lemmymorgan.

The information should, therefore, be considered for entertainment, research, educational, developmental purposes only. Also, some methods described in this article may now be proven illegal in such case the party concerned should send us an email to modify the content and remove any pieces of information that have been proven to be illegal.

We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. TStv can decide to shut down services, remove or add channels without prior notice. Also, there are other non-TStv channels in the same position as TStv. Therefore, Any action you take upon the information on this article is strictly at your own risk, and Lemmy Morgan will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of the content of this page.

TStv official satellite orbital position still remains Intelsat at Any other positions are temporary. However, you can get another dish to test run their channels on any of their temporary positions. Sadly, Tstv channels are not opening on any position as at the time of writing this article. They are yet to announce any official change in position. Important notice: the above information is correct as at the time of posting.

FTA Sport and Nollywood Channel Frequencies and Symbol Rate

However, just in my disclaimer, things can change without notice. You may change it if you know how to get it back though. However, the services are down on this position. They promise to encrypt their signal sooner than later.

I guess they are currently on test transmission. As for the tracking parameters, y ou can receive this satellite with a 90Cm or larger dish using the following frequency: HV or H All TStv Channels are currently not showing as at the time of publishing this article.The latest Nollywood and sport channels free to air frequencies and symbol rate from various satellites are now available.

There are numerous FTA satellites channels that can be easily tracked in west African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin republic and so on, however not many can broadcast nollywood and sport content for free due to legal reason. Here you will get the latest free to air channels and their frequencies to watch free Nollywood and sport channels on your FTA decoders. This post will list fta frequencies on Multi position and other FTA satellites frequencies.

You can get more channels on your Multi tv, Strong receiver and other FTA Decoders using these frequency and symbol rate below. These are the latest fta satellite frequencies and symbol rate that currently have FTA Nollywood and Sport channels.

(New 2019) MTV Lebanon Frequencies on All Satellites - Nilesat

This list will be update frequently. Good morning please. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.Post a Comment. Sunday, 19 January Hafeez Khan. January 19, New Frequency. No wonder DSTV came up with a pay as you go idea just three or four days ago which haven't been implemented anyway.

They are seriously in trouble because indigenous company is about the blow their business away. Not at all. They have lots of entertaining and amazing channels and also News channels plus they are gona be showing top soccer leagues like EPL, La liga and Champions league. Hmmm, their sports channels is da bomb guys and I can't wait to get my hands on one their HD decoders.

In addition, it even supports iptv. It is worthy to note that the subscription charges are truly at giveaway price when compared with DSTV, for the TSTV decoder set will be going for N, while maximum subscription is N monthly, with N, N, N and even N offers available. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Tags New Frequency.

tstv afica new freequency 2020

Newer Post Older Post. Post a Comment Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.DStv is easily the best direct-to-the-home satellite broadcast service in Africa.

It is wildly popular across Africa, south of the Sahara, especially in English-speaking countries. Not only does DStv license the best content from across Africa and the rest of the world, but it also invests massively in its own productions.

Find the percentage error in the area of an ellipse

Some would say DStv is a premium service targetted at the rich and middle-class due to its pricing. As ofit is no longer possible to enable these free-to-air channels on current DStv HD decoders. DStv has not enabled this option on newer models of their decoders, unlike previous decoder models.

You can, however, enjoy a handful of free channels in South Africa without an active DStv subscription:. It is possible to enjoy some limited TV programming free-of-charge, on DStv Nowwithout an active subscription. You can read the full details about DStv Now here. DStv South Africa broadcasts from Intelsat 20 at There are hundreds of free-to-air channels on both satellites. These include:. Thus once the decoder is purchased from any of the OpenView-approved retailers in South Africa, the service needs to be activated via SMS and then connected to the existing satellite dish.

It should work once connected and activated. With the exception of the Openview HD promo and Kruiskyk TV plus the 11 radio channels, the Openview channels though free-to-view, are encrypted and would only work on OpenView decoders.

396 hz pure tone

As explained earlier, DStv shares with the same satellite with other broadcasters. Hundreds of free-to-air channels can be accessed once the satellite dish is connected to a compatible receiver. There is no need for manually entering frequencies, vertical or horizontal. These are mostly religious channels from across Africa.

tstv afica new freequency 2020

You cannot use any of the modern DStv decoders for free-to-air channels in South Africa. You need an OpenView decoder to watch OpenView channels. I am not sure if they feature La Liga games. Free-to-Air decoders give many channels — all free! Hi Mr David, I just bought apha x6 satellite receiver, am staying in south Africa, please educate me on how I can track free to air channels that shows sport, movies and music.

I have a 80cm and my decoder is capable of mpeg2 and 4. I need frequency and symbol rate please! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Misleading headline. There are no guidelines at all in tbe whole schoolboy essay! Sgive us setting to access free channels on HD decoder. Yes u can get some of free channels on hd dedecod.

Good day sir.Thus rendering the previous information on this post obsolete. In this new post, I would strike out the obsolete part and update you guys with the new information and tracking frequencies. In this article, we would present to you, step by step of how you can quickly track and begin enjoying TSTV channels for free. For now you can follow the procedures on tracking that will given in this post to enjoy the pay TV channels, eventually the channels will become encrypted, but, for now you can watch them for free using FTA decoders.

TSTV are yet to get their decoders fully into circulation, when they do they will encrypt the channels, and one have to revert to paying and possibly obtaining their decoders. Well, before the channels go encrypt, may take up to a month or two. Over the years TSTV have been proven to be unstable in particular satellite position.

They have been switching from one satellite to the other. So therefore, bookmark this page in your browser. As this page will be constantly updated with the latest TSTV frequencies and position. TSTV have been switching from one Satellite to another. So the need to update this post regularly. That is Intelsat 38 at The frequency of tracking is while the symbol rate is And polarity is Horizontal H.

And minimum dish size should be 60cm up wards. If you have 1. While other channels appears just fine. Many people are optimistic they resolve whatever glitches the have with Bein, hope they do so on time. Once you hit green, you scan it and you should get the TSTV channels.

You can also try other available frequencies to see if you can also get more channels like: H However, when you use, FTA decoder like, Strong or Qsat, you may not get all of the channels correct name listings.

So you can switch with both at different instant when tracking. Happy tracking! Do leave a feed back of how your tracking went.Only fill in if you are not human. Read the executive summary of the African Space Industry Report — Edition to learn more about the industry. You can order the report online. We publish exclusive contents that unravel new technologies, launches, investments, trends, opportunities, business, politics and policies of the space industry in Africa.

TStv Africa Sassy Decoder available nationwide

We also provide team access to companies and research institutions for their staff to access exclusive contents on Space in Africa at discounted rates. DTH refers to the distribution of multi-channel television programmes in KU Band using satellite system to provide TV signals directly to subscribers. With over 40 channels up and running, cutting across News, Sports, Religious and entertainment; the agency wants more people to take advantage of the available service.

You can buy your decoder at the agency or make use of your existing decoder. Any decoder that can receive DVBS2MPEG4 and is not locked can view the channels for free and it is available across all their satellite footprints, about 54 countries. If you are a media channel looking to place your contents on their server, it is by far the cheapest DTH provider in the world—the more channels you bring, the less you pay.

Abimbola Alele, the agency was established with a mission to provide seamless connectivity and satellite communication solutions through innovation and has so far established itself as a leading satellite communication solutions provider in Nigeria and Africa.

NigComSat-1R is built with radiation-hardened technology, high reliability, on-board software re-programmable ability, fault tolerance, redundant components and high efficiency. The 28 active transponders and 7 antennas guarantee stronger footprints and center beams over the African, European and Asian continents, better look angles and shorter latency for intra-African communications traffic.

Adequate fade margin compensation for attenuation losses by rain guarantee increased reliability and availability. KweseTV, a new entrant charges 6, per month for subscription on their platform.

For many people, this is expensive as an average Nigerian youth cannot afford to pay for these premium subscriptions monthly, in a country where the minimum wage is 18, There was a huge excitement when TSTV came up last year with their Pay-As-You-Consume model which was like the best thing users could get, unfortunately, they have not been too successful with this, with issues ranging from business model to copyrights.

Read the executive summary of the African Space Industry Report - Edition to learn more about the industry. Hi there please reaching you from Cameroon is it possible to track Nigcomsat in Cameroon which size can is suitable 60cm or 90cm I tried on h buy did not succeed what might be the problem? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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